The Red Hook Section of Brooklyn, NY


5' 9"


240 lb.



First Video Game Appearance:

ECW Hardcore Revolution

Career Highlights:

ECW World Heavyweight Champion (x2), FTW Heavyweight Champion (x2), ECW World Television Champion (x2), WWE Hardcore Champion (x3), World Tag Team Champion (x1)-with Spike Dudley (x1), ECW World Tag Team Champion (x3)-with Kevin Sullivan (x2) and Sabu (x1)

Tazz is a video game character his first video 

Game was ecw hardcore revoltion then smackdown 2 

His first game as a commentry is wwe svr 

He is the main Antagonist of wwe svr 2009 

Cm punk road to wrestlemania he is a supporting character in wwe svr 2010 he does not appear in wwe svr 2011 and any other after that as wwe svr 2010 

Is his last game for a long time he is  a ecw oringel 

He was once a wrestler but had to retire because 

He got injuired in a extreme rules match which caused 

Him to dislike extreme rules he once was in a tag 

Team with Tommy dremer his main apprence 

Is in wwe svr 2009 he was in the royal rumble

When dreamer got injured causing him to dislike 

Cm punk that day he called stephine mcmhan 

She banned extreme rules match when cm punk 

Was facing elize burk he chocked cm punk 

In the match he faced  cm punk and Tommy dreamer 

In wrestlemania and losed the match later on