Big Show
Big show
Big Show


Tampa, FL




425 lbs.


Showstopper Chokeslam, Final Cut, W.M.D.

First Video Game Appearance:

WCW vs. nWo World Tour

Career Highlights:

WCW Champion (x2), WCW World Tag Team Champion (x3)-with Lex Luger (x1), Sting (x1), and Scott Hall (x1), ECW Champion (x1), WWE Champion (x2), World Heavyweight Champion (x2), World Tag Team Champion (x5)-with The Undertaker (x2), Kane (x1), Chris Jericho (x1), and The Miz (x1), WWE Tag Team Champion (x3)-with Chris Jericho (x1), The Miz (x1), and Kane (x1), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1), WWE United States Champion (x1), WWE Hardcore Champion (x3), 1996 WCW World War 3 Winner

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